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Status report, company report West Midlands

Status / Pre-sue Report
West Midlands

  • Do you have a bad debt?
  • Exhausted all payments arrangements and possibilities?
  • Are you considering going to court to sue them?
  • Need to know whether the debtor has the ability to pay?

Contact DLS for all your status / company reports in the west midlands.

Customer Contact Centre

DLS operates a central contact point for initial enquiries.

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The DLS service

Sometimes bringing a debtor to court is the only option left when all other payment arrangements have failed. But court proceedings can be expensive.

Before making the decision to take court action you need to consider the prospects of a successful outcome. The pre-sue report provides you with the information on which an informed decision can be made of whether to proceed or not.

A pre-sue report can be prepared for both businesses and for individuals. Items in the report include:

  • Confirmation of given address and previous addresses.
  • Employment status.
  • Homeowner details.
  • Linked addresses.
  • Land registry searches.
  • Directorships held.
  • Asset checks.
  • Sources of income check.
  • Credit information.

When considering taking court action to recover a debt, the Status Report helps you to make an informed decision on whether to proceed or not.

Where we work

The West Midlands region covers seven areas:

  • Status report in Birmingham
  • Status report in Coventry
  • Status report in Stoke-on-Trent
  • Status report in Tamworth
  • Status report in Walsall & Stafford
  • Status report in Wolverhampton
  • Status report in Worcester

Next step

For the Status / Company Report service telephone or email to speak with the Bailiff Manager.

  • Questions about the service we provide.
  • Wish to discuss a Status / Company Report.
  • Wish to instruct DLS.

Who we are

  • Certificated Bailiff
  • Qualified Professional Investigators - EDI Level 3
  • Data Protection Act notified
  • Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations compliant
  • Criminal Records Bureau checked
  • PII and PLI insured

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The Managing Director of Derby Legal Services Ltd is a full member of the Association of British Investigators

Status report

  • Company information
  • Financial standing
  • Directors details
  • Companies & individuals

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