matrimonial surveillance

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Matrimonial surveillance North west England

Domestic Surveillance North West England

  • Is your partner working longer hours?
  • Are your children staying out late?
  • Concerned about domestic staff?
  • Need evidence of a person’s activity?

Contact DLS for all your domestic covert surveillance in North West England.

Customer Contact Centre

DLS operates a central contact point for initial enquiries.

Telephone 0333 011 2619

The DLS service

  • You need facts and evidence. Answers and intelligence.
  • To help you to make a decision of future action.
  • You need the specialist help of DLS domestic surveillance in north west England.

DLS uses advanced surveillance techniques and the latest technology.

  • Static surveillance on locations.
  • Covert cameras with audio.
  • Rural surveillance on property.
  • Mobile surveillance of vehicles.
  • Vehicle trackers.
  • Foot surveillance in built-up areas.

When you use DLS you can be sure of a professional service.

  • Detailed reports.
  • Still photographs.
  • Date and time stamped video.

Where we work

The North west England region covers nine areas:

  • Matrimonial surveillance in Blackburn
  • Matrimonial surveillance in Bolton
  • Matrimonial surveillance in Chester
  • Matrimonial surveillance in Liverpool
  • Matrimonial surveillance in Macclesfield
  • Matrimonial surveillance in Manchester
  • Matrimonial surveillance in Preston
  • Matrimonial surveillance in Rochdale
  • Matrimonial surveillance in Warrington

Next step

For the Domestic Surveillance service telephone or email to speak with the Investigations Manager.

  • Questions about the service we provide.
  • Wish to discuss a Domestic Surveillance.
  • Wish to instruct DLS.

Who we are

  • Qualified Professional Investigators - EDI Level 3
  • Certificated Bailiff
  • Data Protection Act notified
  • Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations compliant
  • Criminal Records Bureau checked
  • PII and PLI insured

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Association of British Investigators

The Managing Director of Derby Legal Services Ltd is a full member of the Association of British Investigators

Matrimonial surveillance

  • Static, mobile, foot
  • Photos & video
  • Movement log
  • Vehicle tracking

Contact Centre: 0333 011 2619

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