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Witness Statement taking East Midlands

Witness Statements East Midlands

  • Do you need a witness statement taken?
  • For a road traffic accident?
  • For an accident, trip or slip claim?
  • Criminal or civil case?
  • Prosecution or defence?

Contact DLS for all your Witness Statements in the east midlands.

Customer Contact Centre

DLS operates a central contact point for initial enquiries.

Telephone 01332 416 599
Email contact@derbylegalservices.co.uk

The DLS service

  • Arrange a time convenient to the witness for taking the statement.
  • Arrange a quiet location so that it can be done without interruption.
  • Check identity of the person giving the witness statement.
  • Explain the process for taking the witness statement.
  • Ask searching questions to assist the witness in recalling all relevant information.
  • Maintain a neutral approach so as not to lead the witness.
  • Write down the statement of the witness if they request this done.
  • Ask the witness to read every page of the statement to check for errors and omissions.
  • Have the witness sign all pages.
  • The witness statement is typed up if this is required.
  • A brief report is provided commenting on the credibility and attitude of the witness.

For claims investigations we also:

  • Collect any supporting documentation, photos, video.
  • Take photos and video of the current situation.

The statement of a witness is a record of their recollection of an event or set of circumstances. Witness statements are not rushed so as to ensure that all relevant details are documented.

Where we work

The East Midlands region covers six areas:

  • Witness statements in Derby
  • Witness statements in Leicester
  • Witness statements in Lincoln
  • Witness statements in Northampton
  • Witness statements in Nottingham
  • Witness statements in Peterborough

Next step

For the Witness Statement service telephone or email to speak with the Investigations Manager.

  • Questions about the service we provide.
  • Wish to discuss a Witness Statement assignment.
  • Wish to instruct DLS.

Who we are

  • Qualified Professional Investigators - EDI Level 3
  • Certificated Bailiff
  • Data Protection Act notified
  • Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations compliant
  • Criminal Records Bureau checked
  • PII and PLI insured

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Association of British Investigators

The Managing Director of Derby Legal Services Ltd is a full member of the Association of British Investigators

Witness statement

  • Section 9 & no caution
  • Personal ID check
  • Supporting documents
  • Photos

Contact Centre: 0333 011 2619

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