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Customer Contact Centre

DLS operates a central contact point for initial enquiries.

Telephone 01332 416 599

People Tracing

  • Lost contact with a parent or a child?
  • Trying to find a family member?
  • Want to trace an old friend?
  • Looking for old forces or work colleagues?

There are many reasons why you might have lost contact with a person and now wish to get back in touch. The DLS people tracing service can help.

It is possible in some cases to trace people with very little information.

However, the more information you are able to provide about the person you wish to trace, then the more likely the trace service will succeed.

Contact DLS for all your tracing in the East Midlands.

Debtor tracing

  • Have a problem with business debtors disappearing?
  • Suspect you have been victim of a ‘gone-away’ scam?
  • Having business or domestic tenants disappear?
  • Have a problem with consumer debtors disappearing?

Fast action to locate the debtor is key to recovery action. The longer the delay before starting then the more difficult it can be to trace the debtor. And the higher the risk that the outstanding debt will not be collected.

Bad debt has serious consequences for business, from putting strain on cash-flow to causing a trading loss. And does cause the failure of vulnerable businesses.

Contact DLS for all your tracing in the East Midlands.

Where we work

The East Midlands region covers six areas:

  • Tracing in Derby
  • Tracing in Leicester
  • Tracing in Lincoln
  • Tracing in Northampton
  • Tracing in Nottingham
  • Tracing in Peterborough

Next step

For the Tracing service telephone or email to speak with the Investigations Manager.

  • Questions about the service we provide.
  • Wish to discuss the feasibility of a trace.
  • Wish to instruct DLS.

Who we are

  • Qualified Professional Investigators - EDI Level 3
  • Certificated Bailiff
  • Data Protection Act notified
  • Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations compliant
  • Criminal Records Bureau checked
  • PII and PLI insured

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Association of British Investigators

The Managing Director of Derby Legal Services Ltd is a full member of the Association of British Investigators


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  • Debtor tracing
  • Family and friends
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